Tuesday, June 11, 2013

This is a platform created for all the people who have actually been to Lemp Brewpub and Kitchen in Gurgaon, had a positive experience and would not like to see it go down because of a venting by a bunch of obnoxious people who should actually be ashamed of themselves for coming to a restaurant and trying to flee without paying the bill!  

Most of the people writing negative stories about Lemp today have not even visited it once. Some others are even part of other breweries competing with Lemp. Its a shame how people resort to cheap stunts to remove personal vendetta can go viral and get mass attention rather than something actually worth people's time. If you read carefully, you can tell how exaggerated and incredible their story is. We hope that people are intelligent enough to sift through the junk and take away what they have actually know and have experienced personally.

Its sad to see that in today's day how certain people can misuse technology to vent out or campaign because of personal vendetta. As various restaurants appreciate how their customers have become tech savvy, I am sure that many are frustrated with the likes of some of customers who claim to be 'young, 25-year old, working, well educated, aware, well traveled, well spoken'. This is a new sprung generation of people who feel that just because they have access to good restaurants, they can go in and behave just as they please and they will be tolerated. Their ardent campaigning to malign Lemp's name makes it even more obvious that it is indeed nothing more than vengeance under the guise of educating others. Brats such as these walk into restaurants in the city and demand more than any restaurant in the whole world can provide. If they were indeed so well traveled they would know that. They compel food establishments to forgo the courtesies extended to them for the sake of hospitality. The Lemp CCTV footage shows clearly what went down. First they tried to flee without paying and when they were caught, they simply refused to pay the bill because the 'food was not up to the mark'! Sure it's a favorite excuse of many customers who are not willing to pay and most restaurants will testify to that. There is no where in the world can you go to a restaurant, consume food or drinks and then try to run and still expect the restaurant not to call the cops! It is the behavior of people like these that make it an unpleasant experience for regular customers. In truth I feel these people are just embarrassed for all the humiliation they had to face in front of the cops and their parents for their behavior. They might be educated but definitely look jobless for they have all the time in the world to vent, crib and cry all over the social sphere for something they were grossly wrong about in the first place! 
I have personally been a regular at Lemp since the time it has opened and I really feel that there isn't a place like that i the whole region, where I as a girl can go with just a few other girl friends and have a safe and fun night out. The food is commendable and so is the service. It isn't for nothing that they have received top restaurant awards and affiliations from Time Food and Nightlife and Zomato. Most of the "Super Foodie" or "Connoisseur" rated reviews have awarded Lemp with more than 3 out of 5 ratings, detailing their experiences. The best music and entertainment events happen at Lemp and the best brands in the world are associated with it.. not for nothing! The service even in top restaurants across the world is slow when they are packed during event nights but that said, it is something only a truly well travelled  working, well aware and well spoken customer can understand!